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Did you know that you can use Google Sheets to print posters?

  • In a new Google Sheet, in the Insert menu, select “image” to add your .jpg or .png photo.

  • In the View menu, zoom out to 50%.

  • Select your image and drag it by the bottom right side to enlarge it to cover the rows and columns you see on your screen.

  • Select print and when the print menu comes, select “custom page breaks.” You might have to zoom out to see the breaks, which indicate how the pages will print out. Move the adjustable lines to where you feel the best page breaks should be so that the image prints out in a more cohesive manner. For example, you probably don’t want a page break on someone’s face.

  • Print your pages and use a paper cutter (or very steady hand) to trim the white parts of the paper to only show the printed image.

  • Use spray adhesive to glue the image together on a large piece of poster paper. Alternatively, you can flip the pages over so they are face down and tape them together in the back. Don’t use stick glue or liquid glue as it makes the paper look bubbly and not smooth.

  • Hint, if you want a larger poster, zoom out more and drag the image across more cells to enlarge it.

  • Reminder: Be mindful of copyright issues and similar consideration when creating your poster.


Free e-book with links to free video tutorials

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