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Connecting Tools: Why I Love WiseStamp

January 19, 2019

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Connecting Tools: Why I Love WiseStamp

January 19, 2019


Email communication is increasingly becoming the most common way educators interact with students and their families. Having a positive, informative email presence is critical when connecting with families and students. One of the best ways to demonstrate that you are a tech-savvy teacher is to have an informative and concise email signature.



Before I discovered WiseStamp, I had a lengthy,

overwhelming signature because I wanted to include a lot of information. Often, my signature was longer than my actual email message! I struggled with deciding what information to omit in order to shorten my signature.


Thankfully, I discovered WiseStamp and took control of my signature. The free service allows me to include all of my online resources along with information about who I am as an educator. It provides me with the opportunity to build a positive and transparent relationship with families and students.


Check out WiseStamp and see for yourself!


Educators love WiseStamp because...


  1. It’s concise! Long email signatures look busy and overwhelming to the recipient. Listing hyperlinks to your social media accounts, digital resources, and other information can overpower the content of your email. WiseStamp wows with linked icons and a concise, crisp layout that you have the power to personalize.

  2. It’s informative! Before WiseStamp, I struggled with what information to include in an email signature. If I  include my website, twitter account, school address, phone, fax, and more, it’s simply too much information. It looks busy and cluttered. Rather than having to decide which resources make the cut, WiseStamp allows me to include all my favorite resources that my students and their families need.

  3. It’s super-simple! I heard about WiseStamp, but I initially hesitated to check it out because I didn’t want to get bogged down in a long sign-up process only to find out I would be forced to pay for their service. I was incredibly impressed that I could input my information, watch my signature come to life on the screen, and THEN sign up! It was an incredibly transparent process! I was able to complete my work signature in under five minutes!

  4. It’s free! No gimmicks, no tricks! WiseStamp is totally free. While the pay-per-month service gives you access to more options, it’s completely possible to create an impressive signature using WiseStamp’s free service.

  5. It’s versatile! I started using WiseStamp for my work email signature, and I was immediately flooded positive feedback from colleagues and families! Traffic to my on-line resources has increased as a result of of using this innovative signature service. I also use WiseStamp on my personal email account to promote my blog and therapeutic children’s books I authored. Anyone can use WiseStamp to streamline their professional and personal email signatures, and everyone should check it out!


Here's a screenshot of my school email signature using WiseStamp:


Here's my personal email signature using WiseStamp:




Lastly, my business page email signature: 




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