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Educating students in the 21st century is about more than preparing them for work in the digital age; it's also about connecting with the whole student and transcending barriers. Designed for school counselors and other education professionals. Learn how digital tools can be used daily and virtually or in-person to not only enrich intervention and instruction but also guide decision-making, streamline work, enhance communication, and promote happier students.

Tech Tools for School Counselors

Strategies and Tools to be More Engaging, Efficient, and Effective

During In-Person, Remote,
and Blended Learning Environments

With phones, tablets, and computers, we’re all in a constant cycle of upgrades. Still, in most of our regular day-to-day practice, many educators continue to use the same practices. The sudden shift to remote education has pushed us out of our comfort of ‘tried but true’ educational engagement blueprint and tools to update our design thinking and strategies. Like a favorite app or device, we can upgrade our daily practice with only a few modifications. We can improve time efficiency, productivity, and add additional style and elegance - promoting engagement, just by plugging in with the right tools.


Technology Transformation:
From Avoidance to Advocacy

Popular Keynote


Educators and students alike look to professional school counselors for ways to encourage girls, women, and underrepresented groups to pursue computing. But knowing where to start is hard, even for the most experienced counselors. NCWIT can help counselors remove the barriers so students choose to learn computing, consider pursuing technical career paths, and believe their voices can be heard in the tech industry.

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Note: This is not a personal presentation and is delivered as part of the NCWIT Counselors for Computing program.

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Angela [dot] Cleveland [at] NCWIT [dot] org


Using Origami in School Counseling

Like all school counselors, I am always looking for fun, creative, and therapeutic ways to address student needs. However, I am not the craftiest of people; I struggle to make my stick figure drawings look remotely like people. When working with children, whether independently or in small groups, I seek engaging strategies that are fun yet focused on the topic at hand. My quest has led me to Origami


Don’t just leave it to the PROSE; you can be an author, too.


Do you have a book idea? Want to get published? Not sure how to get started? Meet with published author Angela Cleveland who has co-authored the professional resource “50+ Tech Tools for School Counselors: How to Be More Engaging, Efficient, and Effective” (published by Corwin Press) and children’s book “Coding Capers: Luci and the Missing Robot” (published by NCYI) in addition to self-publishing three therapeutic books for children. Learn helpful steps to writing your book, pitching it to publishers, and more! 
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CS for ALL Teachers: Collaborating for CS Equity and Access
​Did you know some of your greatest allies in advocating for computer science (CS) might work right alongside you every day? CS educators across the nation are finding that collaborating with their school counselors yields positive results in directing students to viable education and career opportunities.

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ASCA: Technology Toolbox for School Counselors
Click here to access the handout. (recording is for ASCA-members only).

ASCA: Prepare Today's Students for Tomorrow's Careers (ASCA members only)

Building the Future Podcast
 and 3/2016

House of Ed Tech Podcast
How to get more women in STEM

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